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Course of Study

Course of Study

The course of study followed in the school is in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, in order to prepare the students for the ICSE(Class - X) and ISC (Class XII) Examinations.

English Hindi Mathematics Drawing Physical Education
Reading Reading - - -
Rhymes Rhymes Rhymes Rhymes - - -
Conversation Conversation - - -
Dictation Dictation - - -
English (Language and Literature) General Knowledge Hindi (Language and Literature) Art
Mathematics Music and Dance General Science Physical Education
Environmental Studies Craft Computer Studies Drawing
Social Studies Drill Value Education Painting
English language and Literature History and Civics Hindi Language and Literature Geography
Environmental Education Computer Application/Commercial Sanskrit Application
Mathematics General knowledge Physics SUPW
Chemistry Physical Education Biology Moral Science

The School opened Class XI of ISC stream in 2002. The last two years of the school life is very significant in the life of every student. It is at this time that the pupils bloom into overall developed young adults. At this stage teachers take the role of a mentor and a good friend , gently motivating, teaching and guiding the pupils.

  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science/Hindi.
  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Hindi.
  • English, Mathematics/Hindi, Accountancy, Economics and Commerce.