Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

    At St. Joseph’s School Khorabar we embark on the mission of:

  • Generating in the mind of every child an attitude to accept that knowledge is mightier than sword.
  • Integral development- intellectual, mental, moral, social and physical - of every child enrolled.
  • Imparting into them - discipline, broad mindedness, Patriotism and respect for all.
  • Making them responsible citizens of the country.
  • Instilling into them a spirit of compassion, concern for others, unselfish service, thirst for excellence, wisdom and knowledge.

Our Motto


    For this we

  • Expose them to various learning Situations.
  • Recognize and encourage talents and foster creative ability of every child.
  • Stimulate and satiate intellectual curiosity.
  • Instil into children the attitude to appreciate the virtues of Collaboration and Initiative.
  • Develop in the School a caring community exercising concern and respect for the welfare of others.