Recommendations to the Parents

  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by ensuring that the children observe punctuality and discipline, prepare their lessons and take an active part in the activities of the school.
  • Private tuition is not encouraged. Instead, the parents are requested to give personal attention to the children and help them in their doubts as far as possible.
  • Parents should check the school calendar regularly and sign any report recorded by the teachers, and the assignments and home work given.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to be in constant touch with the school to have a clear knowledge of their ward’s progress in studies. They must by all means attend the parent-teacher meeting to consult with the teachers regarding their children.
  • Parents are not allowed to interview the teachers in the class room or in the staff -room, without the permission of the principal. Those who wish to seek information or any suggestion may do it during the Parent- Teachers meeting. Those who wish to make any complaint about their children’s education or other matters should do so to the Principal, and not to the class teacher.
  • Parents/guardians shall not go to the class rooms during the school hours nor call them out of the class. In the case of any necessity they shall contact at the office.
  • When a student is likely to be absent owing to illness for a long period, the Principal must be informed through an application for leave supported by Medical Certificate within a week. Failure to do so will result in the child’s name being removed from the school roll.
  • The Principal or teacher may punish a pupil for habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct. indiscipline, not preparing the lessons etc. by suspension or removal without assigning, any reason for the action.
  • Criticism of a student’s teachers in his/her presence must be avoided. In case of a legitimate complaint, the Principal must be contacted. Children must be trained in self-help by encouraging them to work and study. They should be taught to keep their rooms clean and tidy, make their own beds, polish their own shoes, carry their own bags, etc. The formation of such habits in early life will inculcate in them the dignity of work, a fundamental necessary for a successful career.
  • The school authorities are not responsible for the safety of a student after the school hours. Necessary arrangements must therefore be made to take the children home immediately after the class.
  • The school accepts no responsibility if through failure in wearing school uniform, bringing books to class, getting the signature of the parents on remarks written by teachers or on the absence record in the Hand book or not paying the fees in time, the student is obliged to return home during class hours.
  • No school business will be transacted during the holidays or outside the school hours.
  • The one who signs in the admission form of the student will be responsible for the student and is supposed to contact the school for the Parent-Teacher meeting of for any other purpose. If the student does not reside with the parents, the parents will have to introduce the guardian or the person in charge to the Principal. The school will not accept any other person to represent the guardian.

Special Instructions to Students

  • In your dress and behaviour keep a sense of self - respect. Right behaviour is the expression of fine character and a good personality.
  • Be simple in your ways and words.
  • Avoid using indecent language.
  • COURTESY BEGETS COURTESY. Make use of words ‘please’ and ‘thanks’ more often. If you have to criticize, do not be destructive, but be constructive.
  • In all your dealings with others be polite and obliging. Always try to be a good companion to help others and hurt nobody.
  • Respect your elders and teachers, whenever you meet them, greet them with respect and love.
  • Be polite and helpful to the strangers coming to the school.
  • English is the medium of communication in the school premises. Speak only in English during the school hours.
  • Before and after every class stand up for prayer.
  • No exemption shall be given from school programmes and functions. Every student is supposed to take part and co-operate in the various school activities such as cultural programmes, sports and games, drill etc.
  • Students re exhorted to make use of the Library and Reading Room. Books and periodicals must be carefully handled and kept neat and tidy.