The school campus provides a sizeable infrastructure, an atmosphere of enlivenment, well - structured play ground for multitudinous activities, well lit and spacious class rooms and two activity halls.

Computer Lab

Computer literacy is an indispensable part of education today. In view of this fact, the school possesses two full - fledged computer labs equipped with about one hundred computers with latest versions of software, hardware and networking facilities for Primary and Senior Sections. Various computer skills and knowledge is imparted to the students by well qualified and experienced staff of the institution.The computer center has a video projection system. This VPS is a great boon for computer aided learning. We also have the internet facility and students successfully browse on Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.The students can surf through the latest websites and hence make use of the vast resource of knowledge being provided on the internet.

Science Lab

Keeping in view the science curriculum and the latest advancements in the field, the school maintains a well equipped science lab of Physics, Chemistry and Biology with the latest apparatus and enormous accommodation for students. The main objective behind it is to motivate the curious minds to contentment by enabling them to analyze problems and find solutions to them.The school has well-equipped with latest equipment. The Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science Laboratories for the children of middle and senior school are well stocked, where specimens, models, picture-charts and educational CDs are used as effective tools to teach Science on SMART BOARDS.


Thirst for knowledge is a natural and spontaneous phenomenon for today’s young generation. In view of this fact, the school has a rich, well - stocked and spacious library to quench the students intellectual craving and upgrade and update their knowledge. Its precious store contains illustrated encyclopedias, books, story books, weekly and monthly magazines, periodicals and selected daily newspapers.The school library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. The School Library is a catalyst for literacy. It makes a difference to students’ understanding and achievement and provides support for teaching and learning.

Medical Room

The school has a well equipped and well ventilated medical room for boys and girls separately. It is to take care of the students suffering from all minor ailments and incase of emergency, doctors are available on call.The school clinic functions throughout the day providing first-aid and immediate medical attention. The School Clinic is being run by Apollo Life. There are specialised medical rooms in the school Clinic where a qualified doctor and two nurses are on duty at all times during school hours. It also provides regular medical facilities to its staff and students and records are maintained.

Language Lab -La -Labial

English language and its use, forms the backbone of English Medium schools and more precisely the essence of graduated character formation. To make English language a reality, efforts are being made by the installation of a language laboratory, La - Labial. This is the first of its kind in the whole of Eastern U.P.

Smart Class

To enhance the teaching - learning process and to develop the potentialities of the students, the school provides ‘Smart Class’ for the beginners, i.e.; from LKG to Class VIth. Educomp’s Smart Class is a technology oriented initiative for students. It provides tools and contents for interactive self - paced learning by students, as well as rich - media presentations for teacher - led class room learning. The content available consists of pedagogically rich sound and visual curriculum resources mapped and customized as per the school’s scheme of work. This content is streamed into the class room by teachers and shown to the students in order to make abstract concepts real.