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Dream into a reality
We live in a world of innumerable cultures and civilization. These are diluted to make a strong and beautiful nation. We feel proud to say that we are Indians (Bharatiya) and hold our head high being the citizen of India. We have variform cultures with which we identify ourselves and the state we belong to. It is also a land filled with flaming issues and intricacy. In spite of having these precarious situations our country is crossing the line of progress and development in every field. The technological development of science is creating for the minds of the young and old a new dimension in the computerized thinking pattern and external outlook. Everyone clings to the modern scientific knowledge yearningly to know how man steps into the atomic space.


Modern minds are capturing the minds of the experts. Science has implanted the seed of growth in the sphere of technicality. Technology has confided modalities of change in man power. It is not the bellow of every man that the bejewel of creature, talents visibly manifested in the paragon nature of the great classical thinkers.
Students in the new era of modern scientific age of the 21st century have to have manacle when they are not making peace for their country. To divert their young minds from disrepute, parents have a greater role to play. Mass media, T.V. and other available scientific sources procure undulation in their behavior. Human values are deteriorating day by day. It is no more consigned to the next generation, but rather lost on the way to success. Every child enrolled in the sacred learning temple is with a great hope and expectation for what he/she would be later on. Personality development is encircled by external disturbances as it is not given due emphasis. It is not just what we leash something from the prescribed text but it is much more than that. It is the very positive outlook created within oneself. Look at the future with hope and cheerfulness. This is the greatest wealth of mankind. Critical thinking and creative ideas of a student generate humanism in oneself. Minds should be set and moulded in such a way that they can manage every given situation. Looking at oneself positively and not pulling the legs of others down is the magnitude of oneself. Human values and personal commitment to the cause of dedicated service to humanity overshadow our convictions.
We have values stitched together in the form of a garland, but it is to be instilled within us. Let us not galley our behavior pattern exemplified before men. Students are the role models and they taint if they kill oneself being indifferent. Every new born child grown in age and size is to uphold their human status and dignity.

Fr.John Joseph